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A Smarter Approach to System Compatibility

From export to import and through the applications in between, compatibility is a critical issue for the LNG market. With multiple interfaces taking place between liquefaction and gasification, transfer must be optimized, and uptime maximized through integrated, configurable equipment solutions.  

In the burgeoning small-scale market, and with the expansion of inland fueling infrastructure, there is a need to accommodate both an increasing number of transfers as well as different types of transfers. This philosophy therefore becomes even more important.

Adopting easily configurable and compatible equipment systems delivers several benefits including an enhanced overview of operations, improved productivity and, ultimately, faster ROI to all stakeholders.

Conversely, fragmentation creates inefficiencies and safety issues, and reduces the opportunity to implement flexible business models. A standardized approach across facilities opens up opportunities for all stakeholders through common requirements and systems.

Standardization of systems improves operational control. At the same time, data sharing between parties is enhanced, enabling effective communications, fast response to potential issues, and empowered long-term decision making.  

This level of compatibility requires robust system architecture design at the outset. In turn, this requires oversight between stakeholders and an understanding of cross-party requirements.  

With a unique outlook over the LNG transfer chain, we are committed to providing all projects with peer perspectives and visibility into other stakeholder requirements, ultimately ensuring each project is built for compatibility and reaps rewards in future.

Ship-Shore Link Systems

The majority of the world’s LNG cargo fleet and terminals are equipped with Ship Shore Link technology, a system for communicating the emergency shutdown (ESD) signals, telephone and process data required when cargo transfer is undertaken from ship-to-shore and from shore-to-ship.

Trelleborg has been the global market leader in Integrated Ship-Shore Link Systems (SSL) for decades, and recently launched an Integrated Ship-Shore Link and Emergency Shutdown (SSL/ESDS) system which is designed for both the large- and small-scale LNG sectors.

This new product development brings benefits for both ship yards and ship owners. For ship yards, a simplified single cabinet solution is included to reduce both space and installation requirements. For ship owners, the new system provides improved operator feedback and visual maintenance diagnostics.

Universal Safety Link

Trelleborg’s Universal Safety Link (USL) takes long standing industry practice in the large-scale LNG sector and brings this same methodology into the small scale sector. This USL allows a single operator to monitor both sides of the transfer process and provides main and back-up safety link systems for LNG transfer as recommended by ISO 28460. Compatible and configurable, the transfer process can be shut down automatically and safely.

Case Study

Clarity through compatibility for Harvey Gulf

Trelleborg supplied its USL 8810 for six new LNG powered OSVs and a new LNG bunkering facility at Port Fourchon in Louisiana, USA.

The supplied system allows complete oversight of the LNG transfer process, with a single person able to monitor the entire operation. One operator described the ‘silent transfer’ enabled by the system: before the systems were fitted, neither ship nor shore had sight of the other’s process data, meaning constant radio traffic communicating pressure, temperature, liquid level and flow rates. Now, all of this data is displayed automatically on one screen.

When the fiber optic channels of ship and shore are connected, the systems automatically swap ESDS status, tank process data and images with each other, so the loading officer can easily view process parameters for both the discharge and receiving tanks.

By using industry standard connectors and systems and designing a system to address a cost sensitive market, Trelleborg is enabling the safe, cost effective transfer of LNG from one vessel to another, whilst providing technical compatibility and operational flexibility across LNG fueled vessels and bunker stations.