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With the diversity that currently exists in the relatively new LNG sector, the industry needs to nurture connectivity and standardize systems and processes.  

SmartPort is a technology platform that uses a combination of smart equipment and software to connect disparate LNG operations allowing tankers, terminals and other assets to work together safely and harmoniously.  

SmartPort collects information and enables the analysis of data, optimizing operational efficiency and informing better decisions both in real-time and in planning future improvements. This platform is already in place today providing greater connectivity between different ship-to-shore stakeholders and their most important assets.  


Integrated ESDS and SSL System

As the leading global supplier of ship-shore link technology with 500 systems installed worldwide, we have now combined our industry standard SMART Ship-Shore Link (SSL) with a newly developed Emergency Shut-Down System (ESDS) into a single space-saving unit.

This cutting-edge solution, which can be installed on new-build ships and existing vessels, provides a more economical and space efficient answer to the provision of the SSL - ESDS link in critical safety systems which is also simpler for the operator to maintain.

The system, which remains compatible with existing installed systems and provides improved operator feedback when compared to existing technology, illustrates Trelleborg Marine & Infrastructure's ongoing commitment to innovation and product development.  

SmartMoor Quick Release Hooks

SmartMoor Quick Release Hooks (QRH) are the foundation for today’s modern mooring systems, delivering improved safety and mooring security. Designed for hazardous area operation, they comply with international standards and feature remote release and load monitoring to improve safety. 


For safe and efficient pilotage and port operation, information from various instruments, sources and systems are essential. By giving pilots as well as port personnel real-time access to relevant information and automatic interaction, they can act instantly and make their decisions based on a complete understanding of the situation.

The services available with SafePilot Port Server are extensive, from simple AIS and meteorological data to comprehensive integration of administrative systems such as automatic billing.


AutoMoor is a rope-free, automated mooring system designed and manufactured for efficiency and safety. It uses the latest vacuum technology to rapidly attach to and secure a vessel at berth and is suitable for a range of environmental and berthing conditions.

It uses SmartPort technology to continuously monitor all mooring loads acting on the vessel at berth and provides live data to the operator to optimize day-to-day port and terminal operations.


Laser Docking Aid System

SmartDAS® provides vital information such as distances, angles, and speeds to pilots and jetty operators to ensure the vessel is safely docked, significantly reducing the risk of damage from a collision between the ship and the jetty.

SmartDAS® greatly increases situational awareness and enables operators to take corrective action should the approach profile exceed the limits. The lasers measure and update the data second-by-second, which can be interpreted to build a ‘picture’ of the vessel’s approach.